Jazzed about Juicing!

January 23, 2017

I have been looking for my juicer ever since we moved last Summer! Well, I finally found it and I’m so excited to juice again!  I am committed to juicing every day this week to see how it makes me feel. My energy has been crappy from being stuck at home in the snow and not moving my body as much as it likes. I want to clear my head, have more sustained energy, balance my hormones and just feel cleaner. Plus, I know when I add fresh juice to my body, with the intent to hydrate and nourish all my cells, I feel better, look better and am way more motivated!

What I know about Juicing is that it takes TIME! From purchasing organic, fresh fruits and veggies to cleaning and chopping; it makes me purposely choose what I want to put in my body. It is also an incredible mindfulness practice. 

My concoction tasted SO

Personal Power! 0

Choices for Personal Power! Thank you Depok Chopra!

Depok Chopra has been a lifelong positive influence and with this article I find valuable insights to living an life fueled by personal power. In Nia and Yoga, we focus on the area of the body, the solar plexus, where we connect to our own personal power. We move our chest with shimmies, undulate our spine, open our heart and breathe deeply to free up and connect to our personal power.

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“There is such a thing as personal power, but most people haven’t encountered it even remotely. That’s because their notion of personal power aims at the wrong goal. They define a powerful person as someone with money and status who can exert his will over others. Such a person is imagined to be strong, smart, lucky, and more than a little ruthless. Examples crop up from Washington to Wall Street, any area of life where competition is fierce and …

Nutrition: Tracing the Origins of Health Messages in the Media 0

I love this article by Micaela Karlson! She shares how important it is to ‘know where the information comes from’ when you read something or hear it in the media about a single product or food. Enjoy!

With all of the mounting excitement over nutrition and its possibilities in the media, the volume of health messages are increasing and many people are drowning in a sea of confusing and sometimes contradictory information. How do you know what to believe? How can you sift through the claims to arrive at the facts?

The foundational principle to follow is to always seek the source of the information, and to carefully analyze what that source is saying and how it differs from popular press version. Journalists, bloggers, and reporters often unintentionally distort or exaggerate information in the name of writing a good story, as we’ll see in the following example. It takes some patience and persistence to stay one step ahead!

The three …

Body Literacy for Teens 0

Teenagers need to move! Many teens love sports and yet the scary truth is, many more do not. Finding exercise programs and healthy lifestyle practices that enable teenagers to build their self-esteem and have fun, while traversing the terrain of middle and high school, is not an easy task. The research is astounding in terms of the rate of obesity and diabetes in teenagers today. According to experts, adolescent obesity affects one out of every three children, resulting in 4-5 million overweight youth in the United States. Obesity is a main factor behind the sobering realization that—for the first time in history–children have a shorter life expectancy than parents! In addition, amongst teenagers, disordered eating is a behavioral issue that can become dangerous and deadly. Many researchers conclude that educational wellness models need to be holistic with a joint mind and body approach. Luckily, through a movement and lifestyle practice called the Nia Technique, we are breaking ground teaching teens …