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White Belt Education – Nia Training Overview

Nia trainings are designed for people of all shapes and sizes, and may be taken for both personal enrichment and professional development. They teach you about sensory-based movement as a pleasurable way to achieve lasting health, wellness and fitness.

Nia Training Structure

Like the traditional martial arts model, the Nia training series includes several progressive belt levels with the Black Belt representing the highest level of mastery. Each belt intensive addresses five core-competency areas (movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy) while exploring 13 unique Nia principles – except for the Green Belt, which is dedicated solely to the craft of teaching. All belt levels include 50+ hours of education in the form of movement, interactive discussion and self-reflection sessions. Additional non-intensive trainings, such as the Nia 5 Stages Training, offer education in specific focus areas.

Many students and teachers enroll in trainings more than once. Taking the required 12-month reflection period between belt intensives ensures graduates fully embody the potential of each level before moving on to the next. However, the Green Belt Training may be taken any time after the White Belt Training.

Training for Personal Enrichment

Personal enrichment training includes four belt levels: white, blue, brown and black. As you progress through these levels, you develop an increasingly refined and expanded skill set, heightened sense of self-awareness, and deepened connection to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Learn about physical sensation, communication, energy, creativity and transformation. Read testimonials to see what others have to say about Nia.

Training for Professional Development

Those who choose to become certified Nia teachers evolve their love of the Nia practice into a viable and fulfilling career. Aspiring Nia teachers follow the same training path as personal enrichment students – though they are eligible to teach after completing the White Belt Training and becoming Livelihood members. They are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Green Belt Training, which specifically cultivates and enhances teaching skills. Black Belt graduates who have mastered the practice may apply to become Nia trainers. If accepted into the ten-month Next Generation Trainer Program, you will learn how to teach White Belt Trainings, while also exploring your potential to help tailor Nia for specialty populations.


Nia White Belt

13 White Belt Principles

  1. The Joy of Movement
  2. Natural Time and the Movement Forms
  3. Music and the 8BC System
  4. FreeDance
  5. Awareness
  6. The Base of the Body
  7. Three Planes of Movement and Three Intensity Levels
  8. The Core of the Body
  9. The Upper Extremities of the Body
  10. X-Ray Anatomy
  11. Creating a Sacred Livelihood
  12. Continuing Education
  13. Teaching What You Sense

Focus: Physical sensation  |  Intent: Embody the foundation of Nia

The Nia White Belt Intensive lays the foundation for all Nia training and education. In White Belt, you are introduced to the first 13 principles of Nia focusing on the physical realm of the body.

All 52 principles of Nia are explored with your body and movement through the lens of Science-Craft-Art. During your training, you will be guided to place attention on your self, on your body, and on physical sensation, using movement to develop cognitive and somatic knowledge.

Over the course of one week, you will comprehensively explore physical sensation through five core-competency areas of study including movement, music, anatomy, science and philosophy. This joyful journey into the self is instrumental in helping you develop body knowing by learning to listen, interpret and consciously respond to the information your body communicates to you via sensation. Enroll in an upcoming training today, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.

Upon successful completion of the White Belt, you are eligible to become a livelihood member through the Nia Technique. This provides you with a license to teach Nia professionally and have exclusive access to a wide array of continuing education materials. This includes 4 choreographed routines per year, lesson plans, a post-training manual, personal profile on NiaNow.com, 500 free business cards, and many other great benefits. The annual cost for the membership is $50/month or $520 if paid yearly. You may enroll in the Green Belt Training – which is dedicated to the craft of teaching – at any time after completing your White Belt Training. However, you must take a 12-month reflection period after completing your White Belt Training before enrolling in the Blue Belt Training.

The $1599 USD price of the Nia White Belt Training includes:

  • 7 days, including 50+ hours of somatic education
  • A Nia introductory DVD
  • A 200+ page White Belt Learn Book
  • Access to the Nia online community forum
  • A Nia White Belt
  • The Nia White Belt Certificate of Completion
  • Access to monthly Nia telecourses
  • Access to monthly Nia newsletters

Give yourself the gift of a White Belt Training! You will deepen your relationship with your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Whether you plan to teach professionally or become a master student, enjoy this playful journey of learning the philosophy of Nia – Through Movement we find Health!